Great Meals That Cost Less Than $1 per Serving

How Much Would You Pay for a Home Cooked Meal?

Imagine being able to free up a large portion of your budget to pay off debts, save up to purchase your first home, or establish your children’s college fund. Imagine being able to have enough money to maintain your current lifestyle, but be able to keep one parent at home so that you can raise your kids instead of daycare raising your kids. Imagine eating healthy foods that don’t take very long to make, cost less than $1 per serving, and can feed a family as large as a family of 6?

That’s the purpose of $5 Recipes… because eating right doesn’t require a lot of money.

What Can $5 Recipes Do For You?

This site will have great tips that can help you save money at the grocery store, help you cook great meals at home, and help you get closer together as a family through cooking. We’ll show you new, unique recipes that originated from our family’s kitchen that you can use in yours that will have you eating right without having to spend a fortune at the store to do so. We’ll also help you to be able to maximize your budget lines so that you can find new money where your current money is.

One of the foundations of our overall philosophy here at $5 Recipes is that the kitchen should be the central point in every home. It is a place where the family can come together, discuss the day, and cook a meal together. It is a place where bonding, forgiveness, and most importantly, laughter can occur. It is a place where kids can learn cooking skills, parents can explore their creativity with new foods and flavors, and where new friendships can blossom.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Eat Well!

Did you know that the average family of 4 spends over $600 per month on groceries? I’ve got a family of 6, and we average about $250 a month on groceries. What could you do with an extra $350 per month? And that’s why we’ve started $5 Recipes. If we can save $350 per month just changing our food habits, then others can see similar or greater success by following the steps that we follow.

Now not everything we do is going to be the right thing to do for your family. Different communities have different resources, laws, requirements, and unwritten rules that must be followed, so here’s the caveat: what might be a $5 meal in my neck of the woods might not be a $5 meal in your neck of the woods. You might have to tweak a recipe, make an adjustment, or ask someone for a discount to get it under five bucks. But when it comes to saving money… we shouldn’t be afraid to try anything. That’s our motto, and I hope it will become yours as well.

So please join us on $5 Recipes as we all work together to create a community that is eating better than ever while saving more money than ever while building up families, one kitchen… one meal at a time.

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